Test Opportunity


We are looking for members of the Field Testing community to participate in a unique test featuring a new workout experience.

You will first need to join our Peloton Fielding community. You will be asked to create a profile and sign a community NDA when joining the community.

If selected to test, you will agree to:

  1. Sign and agree to product-specific Non-Disclosure Agreements & Waivers
  2. Complete all testing tasks
  3. Complete all testing surveys
  4. Submit issues and ideas as you find them
  5. Return your product(s) when the test is completed (if applicable)

If interested, please follow the steps to apply including completing the Project Application. Please note that you may be asked to identify specific details about yourself (i.e., age, household income, gender), your personal habits (i.e., exercise), and your home.

If you do not feel comfortable answering these questions, you should refrain from applying. If chosen, we will let you know your next steps and details as well as when testing is scheduled to begin.

Please note: space is limited and we will only be accepting applications for the next week or until application capacity is reached.


The Peloton Field Testing Team